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Expressive Therapies


TRADITIONAL TALK THERAPY: I use a combination of psychodynamic/object relations and cognitive behavioral techniques to help clients understand their challenges. In a nutshell, this involves addressing relationships from the past, exploring how they affect everyday living and then finding concrete solutions to the problems.experienced trauma.
ART & EXPRESSIVE THERAPY: Using art directive and art materials of various kinds enhances the talk therapy by providing a creative, nonverbal exploration of the issues. No art experience or talent is needed as this therapy pulls from the heart of a person, often tapping into those feelings that words cannot describe. Art Therapy is especially good for children and adults who have experienced trauma.

PLAY THERAPY: Children learn through play. They also work out their daily experience through play. In Play Therapy, themes arise that often point to what the child is being challenged with. Since a child’s brain hasn’t fully developed to respond to reasoning and abstract thinking, talk therapy usually falls short of solving the issues. I use a variety of Play Therapy techniques to enable children to explore and master their feelings and issues.
SYMBOLIC SAND TRAY: Using miniatures to create scenes in a sand tray is another way to identify and heal issues that hinder personal growth and happiness. The sand tray world acts a mirror that reflects a person's issues and conflicts in a metaphoric and often nonthreatening way.

Contact me today to learn more about the benefits that expressive therapies can bring to help meet your challenges or those of a loved one. With extensive experience as an art therapist, I have been able to effectively use these therapeutic tools to help my clients discover more about themselves and ultimately find healing. Whether you are in need of a marriage and family therapist or want to find a path to healing for any issue, I am ready to help!