Julie Cast, LMFT, ATR - Experienced Art Therapist

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Do you wish your life was more rewarding or relevant? Do you feel that events from the past are negatively affecting how you live your life today? Do you wish you and your family could communicate better and feel a deeper connection with each other? Is your child or teen struggling with challenges such as peer problems, school anxiety or even a disruptive divorce situation?

Has trauma visited you or your family? Are you struggling with abuse or a violent relationship? Do you have flashbacks to frightening events from your past that haunt you today?

I can help you find the answers and solutions to these and other problems. Using TRADITIONAL TALK THERAPY, ART & OTHER EXPRESSIVE THERAPIES, PLAY THERAPY AND SAND TRAY THERAPY, we will work together to unlock you resources and create new ways of relating to the world and others.

As an experienced art therapist, I offer unique and effective techniques that aid the discovery and restorative effects that therapy can provide. By providing a wide range of opportunities and tools that facilitates expression in both verbal and nonverbal ways, I can help those struggling with a large variety of issues. Whether you are looking for an experienced marriage and family therapist, need assistance to work through issues you are struggling with, are seeking help for your child, or anything else, I am ready to help. Contact me today to learn more about the services I offer. Get started on the path to healing. 
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